Services I offer – Candidate Sourcing to support Corporate Talent Acquisition and Human Resources

Often internal talent acquisition and human resources teams lack the bandwidth and expertise to proactively source passive talent.  These teams will do an excellent job at managing incoming applicants, interviews and onboarding but depend primarily on incoming candidate flow.  By proactively sourcing passive talent in the marketplace companies find they have generated a pool of highly qualified candidates rather than depending on those who happened to find a job posting and apply.  This method is proven to be an effective and cost effective way to bring to talent into an organization.

Many times top talent is currently working for a competitor and would consider a better opportunity but are not proactively looking.  An experienced Candidate Sourcer can find these people, engage them and turn them into candidates.  Once the Candidate Sourcer has engaged a candidate and gained their interest and commitment the Candidate Sourcer will introduce the candidate to the internal talent acquisition or human resources team for inclusion into the candidate pool and interview process.

Large recognizable brands have a high number of incoming applicants yet still engage Candidate Sourcers to find and engage top talent.   They recognize the quality and time to hire benefits of using Candidate Sourcers rather than waiting for potential candidates who may not be as qualified to respond to job postings.  This is the best way to deliver your recruiting message directly to potential candidates who have the necessary skills and experience that you need rather than taking the “post and pray” approach.

While there are several reasons a company will engage a Candidate Sourcer the most common are sourcing to fill active open positions and sourcing to build a candidate pipeline for future needs.   When a company is sourcing to fill open positions a Candidate Sourcer will cast a narrow net to search and recruit the very best talent that meets the qualifications that a company requires.  When building a talent pipeline (for example if a company knows they will hire multiples of a specific skillset like sales professionals or software engineers within a given timeframe) the Candidate Sourcers goal should be to find, introduce the company and build relationships with the top talent within that skillset vertical.  My goal is always to know who the top talent in the marketplace is and build relationships with them.  Then when a company has a specific need the company can reach into that talent pipeline to introduce the need.

A contract Candidate Sourcer will have tools at their disposal that corporate talent acquisition or human resources departments often do not.  This includes research databases and tools to generate contact information.  As a contract Candidate Sourcer’s full time focus is to generate candidate he or she can justify the cost of these tools where a hiring company sometimes cannot.

The contingency recruiting firm model does not work.   Contingency recruiting is expensive, inefficient, lacks scalability and since the contingency recruiting model is commission driven Recruiters focus on where they can earn their next commission not on producing top talent.  I find it unethical that many recruiting firms will submit the same candidate to multiple clients in an effort to increase their odds of making a placement or to create a “bidding war”.  By engaging a contract Candidate Sourcer companies find that they can achieve accountability, cost effectiveness, scalability and the ability to generate high caliber candidates more quickly.  A contract Candidate Sourcer is focused on finding top talent for your company not the desire to earn a high commission.

I began my career in talent acquisition long before the popularity of Internet recruiting.  We direct sourced candidates using a variety of means and built organizational charts of the companies we had researched as recruiting targets. We got on the phone, got to know a potential candidate and introduced the company we were representing.  I believe that the Internet has made candidate sourcing more efficient but my approach remains the same.  I am going to research to find out who the companies are in the market that employ the talent I am looking for, find out who the people are in those companies that are doing the job I am sourcing candidates for then contact those people to introduce the opportunity.  This “old school” method of candidate generation has been successful for me for over 20 years.  I do not use job boards as I am a firm believer that currently employed top professionals in their field are not posting their resumes on job boards or responding to job postings.

When engaged to work with a client in a contract Candidate Sourcer capacity I work closely with the client to determine their needs, culture, the “sizzle” (or why a potential candidate would consider the company and opportunity), a profile of the ideal candidate and build a target list of companies to source talent from.  The process includes;

  • Meeting with the client to understand their need. To effectively source talent I need an understanding of the role(s) the company is trying to fill, the culture of the company and team, the “why someone will consider this company and opportunity” and the ideal profile of a successful candidate.  Objectives and goals are defined in this meeting.
  • Build a list of target companies. Before I begin a search I work with the client to put together a fully vetted list of companies we want to source talent from.  Often a client will have a list of companies they’d like to target.  I do research to bring additional potential recruiting targets to the table.  Other targets will surface as I begin the search and will be added to the list.
  • Build a list of candidates to target. Once I have a list of companies we want to recruit from I will do the research to find out who is doing the job we are targeting in the companies we are focused on.  I subscribe to research databases that allow me to gather this data along with contact information for potential candidates.
  • Make contact with potential candidates. Once I have put together a target list I begin to make contact with potential candidates.  I make my first contact via an email in the client’s domain.  I represent myself as a Consultant working with the client.  This is an important distinction as candidates are more likely to respond to a contact directly from the hiring company rather than a 3rd party Recruiter.  My message is a brief introduction of the company and opportunity inviting the potential candidate to have a more detailed telephone conversation.  
  • Initial telephone phone screen, I will do an initial telephone screen to not only qualify the candidate but to get them excited about the opportunity. I will screen against the qualifications set forth in my initial meeting with the client as well as for cultural fitness.  I will send the client the candidate’s resume, LinkedIn profile and a complete summary of the call including the candidate’s experience, career goals, reasons to consider the opportunity, compensation information and any other information the client has requested.  
  • Introduction.  Once the client has reviewed the candidate’s resume, LinkedIn profile and my screening summary and has agreed they are interested in the candidate I will introduce the candidate to the client’s internal talent acquisition or human resources representative for inclusion into the client’s candidate pool and interview process. 
  • Reporting.  I keep a pipeline of every potential candidate identified and contacted.  This includes the candidates name, job title, current company, contact information and their status.  This can be delivered to the client weekly in the form of an Excel spread sheet or shared via Google Docs for real time review.  
  • Weekly progress review. I schedule a weekly call with the client to discuss progress and candidates in process.  Between detailed reporting and weekly update calls clients are kept well informed of progress.

When engaged as a Contract Candidate Sourcer I work with clients on an hourly or fixed prices basis giving clients a cost effective, scalable and results driven solution while they maintain control of their talent acquisition process.


Mike Astringer is an AIRS certified Talent Acquisition Generalist experienced in developing and executing best in class corporate talent acquisition strategies, functions, projects and technology to support aggressive growth objectives. Mike has served consulting clients in a variety of capacities including developing/reengineering corporate talent acquisition strategies and functions, leading talent acquisition functions, projects and technology implementations, full life cycle talent acquisition, candidate sourcing to support internal corporate talent acquisition and human resources and retained search. Mike possesses extensive evaluation, selection, implementation and end user ATS experience in such platforms as iCIMS, Jazz (formally Resumator), Greenhouse, CATS, Jobvite, Taleo and many others.

Mike has been responsible for helping to drive award winning cultures resulting in multiple Best Places to Work, Fastest Job Creator, Fastest Growing Private Company and Top Places to Work awards.  Mike has had the great fortune of a consulting career that has taken him around the country working with incredible companies and teams. He has worked in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Alexandria, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin, Baltimore and other locations around the U.S.

The consulting services Mike offers includes;

  • Development and implementation of internal corporate talent acquisition strategies and functions
  • Evaluation and improvement of internal corporate talent acquisition strategies and functions
  • Interim corporate talent acquisition leadership
  • Corporate talent acquisition project management
  • Full lifecycle corporate contract recruiting
  • Contract candidate sourcing to support internal corporate talent acquisition and/or human resources.
  • Evaluation, selection, migration and implementation of applicant tracking systems

Contact Mike to find out how he can help you make your internal corporate talent acquisition perform better, stronger and faster.

Mike Astringer   609-280-1367


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