Services I offer – Recruiting Technology Evaluation, Selection and Implementation

Evaluation and selection of recruiting technology (often called an ATS or Applicant Tracking System) can be a daunting task and an expensive mistake if not done properly.  Comparing the various options is time consuming and often confusing.  Proper implementation and migration of data is critical.  Building an internal talent acquisition process around the technology is key to successful execution.

Before beginning a search for recruiting technology an organization should first document its internal talent acquisition process and identify the gaps the organization hopes the technology will fill.  Many organizations hope to streamline the hiring process, reduce time to hire, increase communication between hiring managers and the talent acquisition and/or HR team and EEO-OFCCP compliance.  For others it’s to get rid of paper resumes or resumes stored in files on internal drives.  Still others want to increase candidate flow and employment branding.  Using a powerful recruiting technology solution can streamline your requisition approval process, your interview and offer process, your time to hire ratios and quality of hires.

Organizations will often seek a web based solution that will allow for process efficiencies, is cost effective, is user friendly and offers a hosted careers page that allows for a positive candidate experience.  One of the keys to selecting recruiting technology is a system that is simple enough for non-recruiting, HR or technology internal users to understand and utilize.  Remember, all of the technology and process in the world is ineffective unless your team uses the technology and follows the process!

I have spent the past several years evaluating, making recommendations and implementing recruiting technology.  I have successfully implemented recruiting technology for companies who were not currently using technology and migrated others from ineffective systems including the migration of tens of thousands of candidate files.

When engaged to work with a client to evaluate, select and implement (or migrate) recruiting technology I believe that the investment in time on the front end makes for a successful execution and long term effectiveness of the technology and talent acquisition process.   The services I offer around recruiting technology includes;

  • Determine the problem(s) a client is trying to solve. I meet with the client to determine why they are considering a technology solution, the client’s priorities for the system and what problem(s) the client is trying to solve.
  • Documentation of the current process. I document the client’s current talent acquisition process and determine areas that can be improved with use of recruiting technology.  This data is used when evaluating and selecting a technology solution.
  • Evaluation and selection of systems. I work with the client to evaluate the systems on the market and choose the system that meets the qualifications of the client.  This includes system demonstrations, documented comparisons and contract negotiation.
  • Implementation and migration project documentation. I will document the entire implementation and migration including the project timeline, system buildout, workflows, migration of data, best practices, internal processes, testing and validation, training, deployment and SOPs.
  • Talent acquisition process. The implementation of recruiting technology is the perfect time to evaluate and make internal talent acquisition process improvements.  The most effective processes will be built around the technology.  I will work with internal talent acquisition and/or human resources and corporate leadership to build a talent acquisition process that utilizes best practices, meets the client’s goals and incorporates the best use of the technology.  
  • System buildout. Many systems will allow customization of workflows and user access to best meet the needs of the client.  I will work with the documented talent acquisition process and the vendor to build out the system.
  • Data Migration. Often I find that candidate data is stored in several different places including prior ATS systems, internal drives, individual computers or in paper files.  I will collect all of that candidate data, work with the vendor to get the data into a format that can be uploaded and oversee the migration of data.
  • Data cleanup. Migrated data is not usable if it is not clean and easily accessible by the talent acquisition or HR team.  On a recent implementation I found that about 70% of approximately 24,000 candidate files migrated properly.  Unfortunately the parsing systems that recruiting technology vendors use do not always execute perfectly.   In some cases names and contact information do not parse correctly.  In other cases resumes do not format properly or upload at all.  I will review each data file for accuracy and make corrections as needed.  If resumes are missing or did not format I will work with the internal team to contact those candidates to receive updated resumes.  
  • Testing and validation. I will test every aspect of the system from the perspective of Recruiter or HR user, Hiring Manager user and Candidate user to ensure that the system has been configured properly and is working as designed.  This is an area where I often find vendor errors or areas that can be improved.   
  • Careers page. The implementation of technology and a hosted careers page is the perfect opportunity to make improvements to an organization’s employment branding.  I will work with an organization’s internal Marketing Team or external agency to build a careers page that is engaging to potential candidates and increases candidate flow.   This is also the perfect time to take a look at job descriptions and make improvements.  
  • System training and go live. I provide both group and one on one training to all end users and stake holders including the talent acquisition team, hiring managers and leadership team.   Typically I will do one group training for talent acquisition and/or HR users and a separate group training for hiring managers and the leadership team.  After go live I will follow that up with one on one training with users to answer questions, ensure they are using the system properly and understand the functionality.  
  • Ongoing support. I will typically make myself available to a client for a period of time after go live to support users, answer their questions and ensure they are following the established process.

As a Consultant I have lead, built and improved internal corporate talent acquisition strategies and functions for many years. I believe that a strong background in corporate talent acquisition development and leadership as well as extensive recruiting technology experience gives me a unique insight into executing a successful recruiting technology implementation or migration.


Mike Astringer is an AIRS certified Talent Acquisition Generalist experienced in developing and executing best in class corporate talent acquisition strategies, functions, projects and technology to support aggressive growth objectives. Mike has served consulting clients in a variety of capacities including developing/reengineering corporate talent acquisition strategies and functions, leading talent acquisition functions, projects and technology implementations, full life cycle talent acquisition, candidate sourcing to support internal corporate talent acquisition and human resources and retained search. Mike possesses extensive evaluation, selection, implementation and end user ATS experience in such platforms as iCIMS, Jazz (formally Resumator), Greenhouse, CATS, Jobvite, Taleo and many others.

Mike has been responsible for helping to drive award winning cultures resulting in multiple Best Places to Work, Fastest Job Creator, Fastest Growing Private Company and Top Places to Work awards.  Mike has had the great fortune of a consulting career that has taken him around the country working with incredible companies and teams. He has worked in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Alexandria, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin, Baltimore and other locations around the U.S.

The consulting services Mike offers includes;

• Development and implementation of internal corporate talent acquisition strategies and functions
• Evaluation and improvement of internal corporate talent acquisition strategies and functions
• Interim corporate talent acquisition leadership
• Corporate talent acquisition project management
• Full lifecycle corporate contract recruiting
• Contract candidate sourcing to support internal corporate talent acquisition and/or human resources.
• Evaluation, selection, migration and implementation of applicant tracking systems

Contact Mike to find out how he can help you make your internal corporate talent acquisition perform better, stronger and faster.

Mike Astringer   609-280-1367


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